Mission and Strategic Goals

The mission of the University of South Alabama Student Health Center is to provide efficient and cost-effective health care services relevant to the needs of the University Community.  We strive to accomplish this through targeted health education and wellness promotion, as well as excellence in primary health care.


2016-2017 Strategic Goals

  • Improve the volume of foot traffic in our new strategic location on the main campus due to increased convenience for students which supports the development of a more comprehensive health and wellness program.

  • Partner with strategic departments on campus to enforce the immunization requirements as early as possible before students matriculate and/or immediately after they matriculate which will diminish the number of students having to be placed on hold.

  • Explore means to increase accessibility of psychiatric services for students.  Review adding additional sessions or changing the template to better accommodate no shows.

  • Collaborate with the Department of Marketing and Communications to include the new Student Health Center in the overall campus branding project.

  • Revisit partnering with the Department of Orthopedics, Student Recreation, etc. to create a Sports Medicine trainer position to be available after hours and on weekends at Intramural Sports events.

  • Revisit possibility of moving all health charges and fees to the Bursar’s Office for collection, eliminating the need for students to have to pay out of pocket for their co-pays and other health charges on the day of service.