Department of Psychology Department of Psychology - Equipment


The main office of the Department of Psychology, as well as most faculty offices, classrooms, and laboratory space, are located in the very recently renovated University Commons Building (UCOM). Of particular interest to graduate students are the large number of research labs. We offer a 24 station departmental computer lab with SPSS, Office, R, and other software for student use. We offer a graduate student work room exclusively for experimental psychology students. The Department also has an EEG/ERP laboratory, social interaction laboratory, and state-of the art Eye-tracking machines.

The Psychological Clinic is a teaching clinic operated by the Department which allows for close supervision of graduate students as they provide out-patient assessment, treatment and referral services to a broad array of clients from the Mobile and University communities. In addition, the Psychological Clinic supports clinical research. The facilities of the clinic include an extensive test library, student work area, faculty offices, and videotape, computer, and biofeedback equipment.

The numerous public and private agencies which provide mental health services to the Mobile community provide additional opportunity for clinical students to observe a wide range of clients.