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▼   What is the refund policy?

There are two (2) ways to receive a refund for a course in which you are registered; student requested withdrawal from a course or cancellation of a course by the CCE.

Decisions to cancel your registration can be made by calling or emailing our department and must be received by 5 pm at least three business days prior to the start of your class. Refund requests received after this will not be granted. Certain programs, such as conferences or courses with materials/equipment included, may require additional notice. These exceptions will be noted in course descriptions. Failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal. 

Course Cancellation

The University of South Alabama reserves the right to cancel any course for which there is not sufficient enrollment. Should a course be canceled after you enroll, you may transfer to another class or receive a full refund. The decision to cancel a course based on enrollment is made three business days prior to the course start date. 

▼   What is the attendance policy?
Students MUST attend 80% of all class meetings within a course unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor. Maximum number of excused absences per course will depend on the length of the course.  Each instructor will notify students of the number of excused absences allowable for their specific class.
▼   Are there any grants or scholarships available for these courses?

There are multiple funding options for students seeking to complete a CCE certificate program.

Some students qualify for benefits which cover the entire cost of the certificate program through various governmental programs including:

  • WIOAA (approved for the Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Program)
  • My CAA (for military spouses)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services through the Dept. of Rehabilitation Services (for those with physical or mental disabilities).

Students may also choose to obtain loans to cover the cost of the program. Sallie Mae offers student loans for career training (including CCE's certificate programs) at the market rate. The loans cover the cost of attendance in the program.

Some course/programs have scholarships available and other courses/programs are grant funded for designated audiences. (E.g. Title One Schools and Law Enforcement training). Additional details regarding financial assistance for these programs will be noted on the course information page. Because these are non-credit courses, student based grants such as Pell Grants are not available. 

See how does financial aid work for additional details.

▼   How does financial aid work with these courses?

Sallie Mae loans and other loans generally cover the cost of attendance in the certificate program.  

The CCE Cost of Attendance is the estimated amount that it will cost a student to attend the USA  Center for Continuing Education Certificate Program during the length of the program set forth by the CCE.  The Cost of Attendance (COA) for noncredit certificate program includes tuition, fees, books, and supplies.  It may also include ancillary expenses related to attending the program such as a computer, transportation, and dependent care.  

Applicants can learn more about their Sallie Mae’s student loan options here. If applying through Sallie Mae, please make sure you select UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA - CONTINUING EDUCATION as the name of the school.

Some of our programs are grant funded or offer scholarships. Check out the course page for additional information.

▼   Where do I pay for a class?

Registration is available in person, online, or by mail.

Payments may be mailed to:

555 North University Blvd., AHE 335
Mobile, AL 36688-0002

Organizations may request invoicing by calling (251) 460-7200.

▼   When do I have to pay for a class?

Courses require payment in full at least five business days before the first day of class. 

Organizations needing exceptions should contact (251) 460-7200 to resolve any concerns.

▼   Are material and books costs covered in the course fee?
Not in most cases. Most courses have textbook and material expenses in addition to the course fee itself. These specific requirements will be listed in the course description seen prior to registration. This allows students to shop for the most cost effective option for books or course materials. 
▼   What prerequisites are needed for these courses, if any?
Some of our certificate program require a minimum level of education, such as high school diploma, or have prerequisite courses. These will be noted on the course registration page.
▼   I’ve already completed some courses through another institution that are required for a certificate program the CCE offers.  Will those courses count towards that certificate?

We generally do not accept credits from other institutions for our certificate programs. USA’s CCE has meticulously developed our certificate programs to ensure the highest education standards are met.

Transfers will only be accepted if it is possible to determine that the material is current, applicable and fully covers all the required course content. Feel free to email us with any specific questions you may have that are not answered on the course webpage.

▼   What do I do if I don’t see a class I want to take?
Our current course list is updated regularly, and we have new classes starting all the time. If a course you are interested in taking is not currently listed, sign up for our email to be the first to get information regarding upcoming courses and CCE news. Feel free to email us with any specific course questions you may have that are not answered on the course webpage.