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Center for Continuing Education (CCE) instructors help to fulfill ​the Center's mission to provide innovative and in-demand educational programs and experiences to the Mobile, Gulf Coast​​ and international communities. The CCEs focus is on growing strategic partnerships, providing student enrichment opportunities and encouraging economic, civic and cultural development.


▼   CCE's commitment to instructors

The CCE contracts with qualified instructors to provide quality educational programs which meet the mission of the University and Center.  The CCE invites potential instructors to submit ideas for new courses, however, the decision to offer a course is completely at the discretion of the CCE.  We are dedicated to helping all CCE classes succeed by providing the following services to our instructors:

  • Promote classes through the website, social media, speaking engagements and other marketing mediums
  • Register students, collect payments and provide registration confirmation
  • Provide AV equipment and prepare classroom as requested
  • Distribute materials list to students, if needed
  • Provide photocopy service, if needed
  • Process paperwork for instructor’s compensation
  • Process end-of-course evaluations

If you have any questions concerning your course or paperwork processes, please contact the Center for Continuing Education at (251) 460-7200 or email

▼   Instructor commitment to CCE programs

CCE instructors have extensive knowledge in their background or program area, great people skills and a sincere passion for teaching others. Here are a few reminders of the commitment our instructors are making when signing on to teach a class: 

  • Instructors will provide a course syllabus for each class they intend to teach.
  • Instructors will communicate to the CCE any changes to the published class schedule as soon as conflicts arise. 
  • Instructors understand that if they are unable to teach on a topic, the CCE reserves the right to recruit another instructor to submit a proposal to teach on that topic. The CCE respects individual instructor's intellectual property; as a result all potential instructors are asked to submit their independent work product to us for review. 
  • Instructors understand the CCE reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment or other conflicts that may occur. 
▼   Preparing for class
  • Most courses offered are held in the following buildings: Alpha Hall East, Alpha East Extension, Visual Arts Complex or Communications Building. 
  • Parking on campus after 5pm is currently free. Should your class occur during daytime hours a parking permit may be needed.
  • Please check with the CCE office staff if you have questions about parking.
  • All buildings and classrooms should be accessible to instructors and students at the time of scheduled classes. If this is not the case, please call the CCE office at (251) 460-7200 or the campus police for after hours assistance at (251) 460-6312.
  • In the event of an emergency dial 911. 
  • If you see something suspicious, have a safety/security concern or need to report a crime, don't hesitate to contact Campus Police at (251) 460-6312.