Graduate Admission Requirements

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” – Nora Roberts

The Master of Science degree in Biology is designed to provide qualified students the opportunity to further their knowledge in generalized and specialized areas of biology, as indicated by course offerings and research interests of the faculty.


Requirements for Admission

Students can be admitted each semester. Please observe the application deadlines for the university found online.
Requirements for admission into our Master of Science program can be found in the University Bulletin.

Important notes:

  • GRE exam is not required
  • A strong background in biological sciences is preferred
  • Submission of a personal essay indicating research or program interest
  • Strong letters of recommendation
  • Submission of a resume or C.V.
  • All students must complete their program requirements within five years
  • Thesis seeking applicants are strongly encouraged to identify a faculty who will serve as their research mentor. Please read more in the faculty research pages

Program Requirements

For details of our program requirements read the University Bulletin

  1. All students must meet their program requirements in five years. 
  2. All students must complete 30 h of coursework, with 14 h consisting of core courses. Elective courses may include directed studies and courses from other departments.
  3. Thesis track students must form an advisory committee, prepare and defend a research prospectus, which serves as the comprehensive examination, within the first two semesters. They need to successfully present and defend their thesis at the end of their program.
  4. Non-thesis students may choose to enroll in directed studies courses if they want to enhance their research experience.

Graduate Assistantships

The Department offers several types of assistantships to qualified thesis-seeking applicants only. Assistantships with primary responsibilities in teaching and preparing laboratories are available from the departmental office. Research-related assistantships are associated with grants and contracts that support the research of individual faculty members.  In all cases, assistantships are approved by the Dean of the Graduate School upon recommendation of the appropriate sponsor within the University.

Cooperative Agreement with Education

A graduate student in our program may also concurrently pursue a Class A Professional Teaching Certificate for classes 6-12. This is a cooperative agreement with the College of Education and Professional Studies. Read details about requirements and admission for the Secondary Education M.Ed. 


If you have questions about the Graduate Program, either Thesis or Non-Thesis, you can contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Juan Mata, directly at